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Nutrition Branched is an organization aiming to make healthy eating possible.

It is no secret that healthy food can be expensive and knowing how to actually eat healthily can be a challenge.

Nutrition Branched aims to conquer those two hurdles by providing cost-effective recipes, grocery lists, tips approved by an RDN, and inspiration (to you and others) on how to eat and enjoy healthy food! 



 Make healthy eating achievable 
  • Provide accurate and reliable knowledge on how to eat healthily while remaining cost conscious

  • Be a helpful resource

  • Be a source of inspiration

  • Bring helpful resources to consumers via The Nutrition Branched packet, events, booths, etc. 

 Annina Bradley 

      "Hello! I'm Annina, a high school student with ambitious desires to improve my community. I came about with the idea for the Nutrition Branched project by witnessing the many challenges to healthy eating. 

       Healthy nutrition can have such a profound effect on one's health. As a student athlete, I have experienced this firsthand, knowing that my performance is largely due to whatever I ate that day. However, it is no secret that healthy eating can be expensive, time-consuming, and frankly difficult to accomplish. 

       Being able to consume a healthy diet, I believe, should not solely be a privilege. No one should have to choose between paying for their medication or quality groceries. Everyone should feel that they have access to resources that allow them to achieve a healthy diet.

       I began this project with the goal of making the pursuit of a healthy diet possible for everyone, and it continues to be our goal today." 

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